Interested in joining us as a speaker at Enterprise Data Summit 2024?

We'll be back next year with Enterprise Data Summit 2024!

Data initiatives and priorities are often affected by resources, organizational structure, and data maturity, all of which can be different inside an enterprise-sized company or for teams processing data at scale.

Enterprise Data Summit is an annual day where leaders from large companies looking to succeed with large-scale data systems can explore ways to modernize their data platforms, enable engineering best practices, allocate budgets and resources efficiently, and wrangle topics like data observability.

We're interested in real-world perspectives from data, analytics, AI/DS and other team and department leadership, engineers and administrators, FinOps, and risk/compliance managers.

Here are some sample areas that could be interesting for a talk submission:

  • Guiding enterprise-level data teams
  • Modernizing data platforms
  • Cloud financial management
  • Succeeding with large-scale data systems
  • Data reliability
  • Resource allocation
  • Use cases for data observability

When submitting a proposal, please include what insights attendees will gain from your session and why you feel you are a great person to give this talk or presentation.

If you have any questions about submitting a talk or about EDS 2024, please reach out to