Session: Addressing productivity black holes for data analytics and AI teams

Sandeep Uttamchandani, Ph.D., VP, Analytics, AI & Data @ Intuit

Data can only be the new oil if it can fuel better and faster data-driven insights and models that drive business value and transformation. There are several bottlenecks today that slow down Data Analytics and AI teams.

In this talk, Sandeep, a seasoned leader with more than two decades of experience leading data, analytics, and AI teams, will discuss his perspective on the productivity black holes that limit Data Analytics and AI teams, and how to address them by thinking holistically across people, process, technology, data, and mindset levers.

Where & when?

Enterprise Data Summit 2023 took place virtually on June 7th, 2023.

What is the cost to attend the virtual sessions?

EDS 2023 is always free and open for all to attend.

What is Enterprise Data Summit?

Data initiatives and priorities are often affected by resources, organizational structure, and data maturity, all of which can be different inside an enterprise-sized company or for teams processing data at scale.

Enterprise Data Summit is an annual day where leaders from large companies looking to succeed with large-scale data systems can explore ways to modernize their data platforms, enable engineering best practices, allocate resources efficiently, and wrangle topics like data observability.

Who comes to EDS?

Data, analytics, AI, data science, and other team and department leadership, engineers and administrators, FinOps, and risk/compliance officers.

Join us for talks that include:
  • Guiding enterprise-level data teams
  • Modernizing data platforms
  • Cloud financial management
  • Succeeding with large-scale data systems
  • Data reliability
  • Resource allocation
  • Use cases for data observability
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